Gynecomastia (guy-nuh-koh-MAS-tee-uh) is enlargement or swelling of the Male breast tissue, caused by an hormones imbalance. Significant about the gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery is a procedure to remove excess body fat and tissue around the chest area of males. It can be removed via surgical process that involves liposuction and gland incision. Let us discuss on Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Kolkata.

What is the cost of treatment for Gynaecomastia or Gynecomastia surgery in Kolkata ?

Also known as Male Breast Surgery .

Gynecomastia surgery is a day care procedure. You will be admitted in hospital for 24 hours and cost ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 120,000 Approx. depending on the surgery and other complications, the technology used, Hospital Cost , sculpting needed and other miscellaneous expenses.

Note: In most cases, Gynaecomastia or Gynecomastia is not eligible for insurance coverage but various Medical finance agencies provide easy EMI facility as well.

You need to avoid Driving, Weight lifting for the first 24 hours, but can resume normal life after one-two days and start heavy work after one-two weeks when you feel comfortable.

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